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Hi! I’m Jen Allen.


I am an energetic and creative problem solver, that loves connecting an experience with emotion through art, design, and movement! Creating websites, photography, and content online has been a passion of mine for many years. In addition, I have e-commerce management experience with Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart seller accounts.

Featured UX Design

jen  allen design

SmartPup App

SmartPup is designed to be an at home dog training tool with tutorials, progress markers, and access to virtual training sessions with certified dog trainers. In addition, it is a resource for behavior correction and wellness articles about dog health.

NutriGene App

NutriGene allows a user to receive a customized diet plan based on their DNA report. During this team project, we learned how to provide excessive data in a  digestible format.

Busy Bus App

Busy Bus allowed for users in a populated metropolitan area to find their bus and estimated wait time. Diving into UX/UI Design to research and design based for the users need, Busy Bee helped address problems associated with mass transit scheduling.

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When we allow for our dynamic selves to appear, we bring our fullest version of humanity to the forefront of design.